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Not supported by OpenTTD Supported by TTDPatch 2.02.0 This is a list of the text IDs in TTD (for action 4), originally compiled by A. Skrobov.

You can use these Text IDs

  • to change/translate TTD strings using action4 feature 48. (This is not supported by OpenTTD, nor will it ever.)
  • to reference them in various action 0 properties, e.g. for house/industry/cargo names. (This is partly supported by OpenTTD.)

Note: OpenTTD's string system is very different to the system of TTD and TTDPatch. It supports/requires plural forms, genders, cases and different number formattings, so complex strings which are combined from multiple parts are not interchangeable. Various strings also have changed their parameter order over time or got additional arguments.

As such action 4 is not allowed to change any original strings in OpenTTD; translations are not done via NewGRF, but only via the WebTranslator.

In action 0 only a subset of the original strings can be accessed. These are more or less the string which have no additional parameters, e.g. plain cargo/house/industry names.

0000 General strings

General strings 0000-07FF

0800 Basic land strings

Basic land strings 0800 - 0FFF

1000 Railroad strings

Railroad strings 1000 - 17FF

1800 Road strings

Road strings 1800 - 1FFF

2000 Town strings

Town strings 2000 - 27FF

2800 Tree strings

Tree strings 2800 - 2FFF

3000 Station strings

Station strings 3000 - 37FF

3800 Water strings

Water strings 3800 - 3FFF

4000 Load/save strings

Load, save strings 4000 - 47FF

4800 Industry strings

Industry strings 4800 - 4FFF

5000 Tunnel and bridge strings

Tunnel and bridge strings 5000-57FF

5800 Object strings

Object strings 5800 - 5FFF

6000 Debugger strings

Debugger strings 6000 - 67FF

6800 Difficulty strings

Difficulty strings 6800 - 6FFF

7000 Company strings

Company strings 7000 - 77FF

7800 Custom strings

These cannot be set directly; an entry is generated every time the player enters a custom name for example for signs, stations or vehicles.

8000 Vehicle type names

Vehicle type names 8000 - 87FF

Note, IDs 8000..80FF will be changed by using a regular action 4 to name new vehicles, but not by using "custom vehicle names" from vehicle.dat which use custom strings instead.

8800 Train strings

Train strings 8800 - 8FFF

9000 Road vehicle strings

Road vehicle strings 9000 - 97FF

9800 Ship strings

Ship strings 9800 - 9FFF

A000 Aircraft strings

Aircraft strings A000 - A7FF

A800 Pseudo-vehicle strings

(None defined)

B000 Disaster strings

Disaster strings B800 - BFFF

B800 unused

C000 New station names

This is used for TTDPatch newgrf station and class names. See action 4 for more details.

C800 New house names

This is used for TTDPatch newgrf town building names. See action 4 for more details.

D000 Miscellaneous GRF texts

This is used for TTDPatch newgrf miscellaneous texts, mostly for callbacks. See action 4 for more details.

The table has up to 1024 entries. To use entry X in an include text (codes 80/81), use ID D400+X. Note that if you want to include ID D000/D400, the 00 byte will be considered the end of string in action 4, this will therefore break if additional texts are supposed to follow in the action 4.

D800 Persistent GRF texts

This is used for TTDPatch newgrf persistent texts (the ID mappings are preserved through saving and loading even if the GRF file is unavailable). See action 4 for more details.

D800 class IDs (DCxx IDs) must not be used except in action 0 and where the spec explicitly says that they work.

Supported by OpenTTD 1414 This textid area extends up to ID FFFF.

E000 Hard-coded game texts

Hard-coded game texts E000 - E7FF

This text class exists only in TTDPatch 2.0.1 alpha 59 and later. It contains language-dependent texts that didn't have textIDs originally. This class allows translating TTD entirely by using action 4s, since now every language-dependent text can be accessed.

Supported by OpenTTD 1414 Continuation of D800 texts.

E800 News texts

This is used internally by TTDPatch for its additional news messages.

Supported by OpenTTD 1414 Continuation of D800 texts.

F000 unused

(Unused, but TTD's critical error messages internally have a number in this region, even though they aren't text IDs as such.)

Supported by OpenTTD 1414 Continuation of D800 texts.

F800 Internal TTDPatch texts

Internal TTDPatch texts F800 - FFFF

This is used internally by TTDPatch for its additional regular strings, i.e. those from ttdpttxt.txt. Since TTDPatch 2.0.1 alpha 59 you may use the following text IDs to change the respective patch strings (before alpha 59, the text IDs changed regularly). For default values, please see ttdpttxt.txt produced by mkpttxt.exe.

Supported by OpenTTD 1414 Continuation of D800 texts.