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To-Do List

Many terms are used inconsistently. Although it is not a big priority to fix them right now, add an entry or edit existing ones at TermConsistency if you spot any inconsistencies regarding term names.

This page contains a list of 'jobs' that remain to be completed, please follow the example listing when adding/editing information in the table.

  • Item - internal link to a page.
  • Task - What needs to be done.
  • Status - Available (no one working on it), In Progress (someone working on it, include name in parentheses ()), Complete (item has been finished)
  • Date Added - DD/MM/YYYY format
  • Last Updated - DD/MM/YYYY format

Main List

Item Task Status Date Added Last Updated
Example Item Example Task Available 13/06/2011 13/06/2011
VariationalAction2/Industry Tiles Right now, VariationalAction2/Airport Tiles just links to VariationalAction2/Industry Tiles. This is okay (we should not duplicate information), but that page has almost no explanation about being also for airport tiles. Available 14/06/2011 14/06/2011
VariationalAction2/Signals This page does not follow the same format than the other VarAction2 pages, and it seems to include information about callbacks. Variables are not named. Available 14/06/2011 14/06/2011
SpriteLayouts Move the general explanation (without syntax) for spritelayouts, sprite&recolour flags and bounding boxes for Stations and Houses/Industries/Airports/Objects to a separate page. Also incorporate examples for typical configurations for stations with track and normal buildings (e.g. | this general advice). Available 14/06/2011 14/06/2011
Action0/Vehicles/Trains Add or link to templates for vehicle 'boxes' with length 1/8 to 8/8. Available 18/06/2011 18/06/2011
Action5 Add or link to example sprites which specify the order and usage of the sprites. Old wiki already had this for coast sprites. Available 18/06/2011 18/06/2011
AirportTileDefaultProps Expand the page listing the default airport tiles (for usage in property 8), including their default properties (if any). Available 07/08/2011 26/10/2011

We should come up with a list of usable categories for the pages, thus that some overview / content pages can be auto-generated Suggestions:

  • VarAction2
  • Action0 (Action0Trains, Action0RoadVehicles, ...)
  • Actions (Action 0, Action 1, ...)
  • Default values (like vehicle IDs, tile IDs, cargo labels...)

Should page names change to be "better" and more wiki-like: VarAction2Houses -> VarAction2 Houses etc? According to it seems that it would not be a massive amount of work.

Examples to be Written

Examples should be short, well commented and clearly show how to use the featured item. See VarAction2Objects#Examples

Examples Needed For Status Date Added Last Updated
Action0 Available 14/06/2011 14/06/2011
Action0Airports Available 14/06/2011 14/06/2011
Action0Canals Available 14/06/2011 14/06/2011
Action0Cargos Available 14/06/2011 14/06/2011
Action0Planes Available 14/06/2011 14/06/2011
Action0Railtypes Available 14/06/2011 14/06/2011
Action0RoadVehicles Available 14/06/2011 14/06/2011
Action0Ships Available 14/06/2011 14/06/2011
Action2 Available 14/06/2011 14/06/2011
Action2Vehicles Available 14/06/2011 14/06/2011
Action4 Available 14/06/2011 14/06/2011
ActionD Available 14/06/2011 14/06/2011
VarAction2Stations Available 14/06/2011 14/06/2011