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General strings 0000 - 07FF

0000 \94Cannot remove obstacles on land

0001 \94Off edge of map

0002 \94Too close to edge of map

0003 \94Not enough cash - requires \7f

0004 \94\7f

0005 \8b\7f


0007 \94Flat land required

0008 \98Waiting: \94\80

0009 \94\80

000A \94\80\90 (en-route from

000B \90\80)

000C \98Accepts: \94

000D \98Accepts: \8a


000F Passengers

0010 Coal

0011 Mail

0012 Oil

0013 Livestock

0014 Goods

0015 Grain

0016 Wood

0017 Iron Ore

0018 Steel

0019 Valuables

001A Copper Ore

001B Maize

001C Fruit

001D Diamonds

001E Food

001F Paper

0020 Gold

0021 Water

0022 Wheat

0023 Rubber

0024 Sugar

0025 Toys

0026 Sweets

0027 Cola

0028 Candyfloss

0029 Bubbles

002A Toffee

002B Batteries

002C Plastic

002D Fizzy Drinks


002F Passenger

0030 Coal

0031 Mail

0032 Oil

0033 Livestock

0034 Goods

0035 Grain

0036 Wood

0037 Iron Ore

0038 Steel

0039 Valuables

003A Copper Ore

003B Maize

003C Fruit

003D Diamond

003E Food

003F Paper

0040 Gold

0041 Water

0042 Wheat

0043 Rubber

0044 Sugar

0045 Toy

0046 Sweet

0047 Cola

0048 Candyfloss

0049 Bubble

004A Toffee

004B Battery

004C Plastic

004D Fizzy Drink


004F | passenger

0050 | tonne of coal

0051 | bag of mail

0052 \87 of oil

0053 | item of livestock

0054 | crate of goods

0055 | tonne of grain

0056 | tonne of wood

0057 | tonne of iron ore

0058 | tonne of steel

0059 | bag of valuables

005A | tonne of copper ore

005B | tonne of maize

005C | tonne of fruit

005D | bag of diamonds

005E | tonne of food

005F | tonne of paper

0060 | bag of gold

0061 \87 of water

0062 | tonne of wheat

0063 \87 of rubber

0064 | tonne of sugar

0065 | toy

0066 | bag of sweets

0067 \87 of cola

0068 | tonne of candyfloss

0069 | bubble

006A | tonne of toffee

006B | battery

006C \87 of plastic

006D | fizzy drink


006F | passengers

0070 | tonnes of coal

0071 | bags of mail

0072 \87 of oil

0073 | items of livestock

0074 | crates of goods

0075 | tonnes of grain

0076 | tonnes of wood

0077 | tonnes of iron ore

0078 | tonnes of steel

0079 | bags of valuables

007A | tonnes of copper ore

007B | tonnes of maize

007C | tonnes of fruit

007D | bags of diamonds

007E | tonnes of food

007F | tonnes of paper

0080 | bags of gold

0081 \87 of water

0082 | tonnes of wheat

0083 \87 of rubber

0084 | tonnes of sugar

0085 | toys

0086 | bags of sweets

0087 \87 of cola

0088 | tonnes of candyfloss

0089 | bubbles

008A | tonnes of toffee

008B | batteries

008C \87 of plastic

008D | fizzy drinks


008F \0ePS

0090 \0eCL

0091 \0eML

0092 \0eOL

0093 \0eLV

0094 \0eGD

0095 \0eGR

0096 \0eWD

0097 \0eOR

0098 \0eST

0099 \0eVL

009A \0eCO

009B \0eMZ

009C \0eFT

009D \0eDM

009E \0eFD

009F \0ePR

00A0 \0eGD

00A1 \0eWR

00A2 \0eWH

00A3 \0eRB

00A4 \0eSG

00A5 \0eTY

00A6 \0eSW

00A7 \0eCL

00A8 \0eCF

00A9 \0eBU

00AA \0eTF

00AB \0eBA

00AC \0ePL

00AD \0eFZ

00AE \94\83

00AF \94\82

00B0 \94Map - \80

00B1 \94Game Options

00B2 \90Message

00B3 \90Message from \80

00B4 \94Can't do this....

00B5 \94Can't clear this area....

00B6 \98Copyright \a9 1995 Chris Sawyer,All rights reserved

00B7 \98Version 2.01.119 6th October 1995 17:19:21

00B8 \98Designed & Programmed by Chris Sawyer

00B9 \98Graphics by Simon Foster

00BA \98Music by John Broomhall\0dSound Programming by Andrew Parton\0d\0dQuality Assurance:\0dAndrew Luckett,Don Witcombe,Craig Lear, Daniel Luton,Justin Manning,\0dJason Sampson,Darren Kirby,Phil McDonnell,Patrice Stauder\0dInstallation by Tim Cannell\0dProducer: Mike Rudderham\0d\0dThanks to: Jacqui Lyons at Marjacq Micro\0d

00BB \98Memory: {K ({K unused)

00BC \98Memory Manager:\80\80\80\80\80

00BD \98Processor: 80}86

00BE \98Graphics:


00C0 ATI

00C1 Trident

00C2 Oak Technologies

00C3 Tseng Labs

00C4 Paradise

00C5 \98\ad

00C6 \89\ad

00C7 \94Quit to DOS

00C8 \98Yes

00C9 \98No

00CA \90Are you sure you want to abandon this game and quit to DOS ?

00CB \981

00CC \982

00CD \983

00CE \984

00CF \985

00D0 Nothing

00D1 Dark Blue

00D2 Pale Green

00D3 Pink

00D4 Yellow

00D5 Red

00D6 Light Blue

00D7 Green

00D8 Dark Green

00D9 Blue

00DA Cream

00DB Mauve

00DC Purple

00DD Orange

00DE Brown

00DF Grey

00E0 White

00E1 \94Too many vehicles in game

00E2 \98|

00E3 \8b|

00E4 \98Location

00E5 Contours

00E6 Vehicles

00E7 Industries

00E8 Routes

00E9 Vegetation

00EA Owners

00EB \98\0eRoads

00EC \98\0eRailways

00ED \98\0eStations/Airports/Docks

00EE \98\0eBuildings/Industries

00EF \98\0eVehicles

00F0 \98\0e100m

00F1 \98\0e200m

00F2 \98\0e300m

00F3 \98\0e400m

00F4 \98\0e500m

00F5 \98\0eTrains

00F6 \98\0eRoad Vehicles

00F7 \98\0eShips

00F8 \98\0eAircraft

00F9 \98\0eTransport Routes

00FA \98\0eCoal Mine

00FB \98\0ePower Station

00FC \98\0eForest

00FD \98\0eSawmill

00FE \98\0eOil Refinery

00FF \98\0eFarm

0100 \98\0eFactory

0101 \98\0ePrinting Works

0102 \98\0eOil Wells

0103 \98\0eIron Ore Mine

0104 \98\0eSteel Mill

0105 \98\0eBank

0106 \98\0ePaper Mill

0107 \98\0eGold Mine

0108 \98\0eFood Processing Plant

0109 \98\0eDiamond Mine

010A \98\0eCopper Ore Mine

010B \98\0eFruit Plantation

010C \98\0eRubber Plantation

010D \98\0eWater Supply

010E \98\0eWater Tower

010F \98\0eLumber Mill

0110 \98\0eCandyfloss Forest

0111 \98\0eSweet Factory

0112 \98\0eBattery Farm

0113 \98\0eCola Wells

0114 \98\0eToy Shop

0115 \98\0eToy Factory

0116 \98\0ePlastic Fountains

0117 \98\0eFizzy Drink Factory

0118 \98\0eBubble Generator

0119 \98\0eToffee Quarry

011A \98\0eSugar Mine

011B \98\0eRailway Station

011C \98\0eLorry Loading Bay

011D \98\0eBus Station

011E \98\0eAirport/Heliport

011F \98\0eDock

0120 \98\0eRough Land

0121 \98\0eGrass Land

0122 \98\0eBare Land

0123 \98\0eFields

0124 \98\0eTrees

0125 \98\0eRocks

0126 \98\0eWater

0127 \98\0eNo Owner

0128 \98\0eTowns

0129 \98\0eIndustries

012A \98\0eDesert

012B \98\0eSnow

012C \94Message

012D \94\80

012E \98Cancel

012F \98OK

0130 \98Rename

0131 \94Too many names defined

0132 \94Chosen name in use already

0133 Pounds (\a3)

0134 Dollars ($)

0135 Franc (FF)

0136 Deutschmark (DM)

0137 Yen (\a5)

0138 Peseta (Pt)

0139 Imperial (miles)

013A Metric (kilometres)

013B \94...owned by \80

013C \98Cargo

013D \98Information

013E \98Capacities

013F \98Capacity: \95\80

0140 \98New Game

0141 \98Load Game

0142 \98Tutorial / Demonstration

0143 \981 Player

0144 \982 Players

0145 \942 Player Link Setup

0146 \98Attempt Connection

0147 \94Unable to make connection to remote computer

0148 \98Game Options


014B XMS



014E Windows

014F OS/2

0150 someone\85\85

0151 Map of world

0152 Town directory

0153 Subsidies

0154 Operating profit graph

0155 Income graph

0156 Delivered cargo graph

0157 Performance history graph

0158 Company value graph

0159 Cargo payment rates

015A Company league table

015B \94Transport Tycoon (Deluxe)

015C Save game

015D Abandon game


015F Quit to DOS

0160 \90Are you sure you want to abandon this game ?

0161 \94Abandon Game

0162 Jan

0163 Feb

0164 Mar

0165 Apr

0166 May

0167 Jun

0168 Jul

0169 Aug

016A Sep

016B Oct

016C Nov

016D Dec

016E \0e\80\0d \80

016F \0e\80\0d \80\0d~

0170 \0e\80-

0171 \98Pause game

0172 \98Save game,abandon game,quit to DOS

0173 \98Display list of company's stations

0174 \98Display map

0175 \98Display map,town directory

0176 \98Display town directory

0177 \98Display company finances information

0178 \98Display company general information

0179 \98Display graphs

017A \98Display company league table

017B \98Display list of company's trains

017C \98Display list of company's road vehicles

017D \98Display list of company's ships

017E \98Display list of company's aircraft

017F \98Zoom the view in

0180 \98Zoom the view out

0181 \98Build railway track

0182 \98Build roads

0183 \98Build ship docks

0184 \98Build airports

0185 \98Plant trees,place signs etc.

0186 \98Query land block

0187 \98Options

0188 \98\bc

0189 \98\bd

018A \94Can't change servicing interval...

018B \98Close window

018C \98Window title - drag this to move window

018D \98Demolish buildings etc. on a square of land

018E \98Lower a corner of land

018F \98Raise a corner of land

0190 \98Scroll bar - scrolls list up/down

0191 \98Show land contours on map

0192 \98Show vehicles on map

0193 \98Show industries on map

0194 \98Show transport routes on map

0195 \98Show vegetation on map

0196 \98Show land owners on map

0197 \98Toggle town names on/off on map

0198 \0e\98Profit this year: \7f (last year: \7f)

0199 | year (|)

019A | years (|)

019B \8b| years (|)

019C Road vehicle

019D Aircraft

019E Ship

019F Train

01A0 \94\80 | is getting old

01A1 \94\80 | is getting very old

01A2 \94\80 | is getting very old and urgently needs replacing

01A3 \94Land Area Information

01A4 \98Cost to clear: \95N/A

01A5 \98Cost to clear: \95\7f

01A6 N/A

01A7 \98Owner: \95\80

01A8 \98Local authority: \95\80

01A9 None

01AA \98Name

01AB \98\0e\80

01AC 1st

01AD 2nd

01AE 3rd

01AF 4th

01B0 5th

01B1 6th

01B2 7th

01B3 8th

01B4 9th

01B5 10th

01B6 11th

01B7 12th

01B8 13th

01B9 14th

01BA 15th

01BB 16th

01BC 17th

01BD 18th

01BE 19th

01BF 20th

01C0 21st

01C1 22nd

01C2 23rd

01C3 24th

01C4 25th

01C5 26th

01C6 27th

01C7 28th

01C8 29th

01C9 30th

01CA 31st

01CB \0e|

01CC \98Toggle large/small map size

01CD \94Select Tutorial/Demonstration

01CE \98Cargo accepted: \95\80

01CF \98Cargo accepted: \95\80,\80

01D0 \98Cargo accepted: \95\80,\80,\80

01D1 (}/8 \80)

01D2 \94Jazz Jukebox

01D3 Sound/music

01D4 \98Show sound/music window

01D5 \0eAll

01D6 \0eOld Style

01D7 \0eNew Style

01D8 \0eEzy Street

01D9 \0eCustom 1

01DA \0eCustom 2

01DB \98\0eMusic Volume

01DC \98\0eEffects Volume

01DD \98\0eMIN ' ' ' ' ' ' MAX

01DE \98Skip to previous track in selection

01DF \98Skip to next track in selection

01E0 \98Stop playing music

01E1 \98Start playing music

01E2 \98Drag sliders to set music and sound effect volumes

01E3 \91\0e--

01E4 \91\0e0}

01E5 \91\0e}

01E6 \91\0e------

01E7 \91\0e"\80"

01E8 \98\0eTrack\01XTitle

01E9 \0eShuffle

01EA \0e\98Program

01EB \94Music Program Selection

01EC \0e\950| "\80"

01ED \0e\95| "\80"

01EE \0e\98Track Index

01EF \0e\98Program - '\80'

01F0 \0e\98Clear

01F1 \0e\98Save

01F2 \98Current program of music tracks

01F3 \98Select 'all tracks' program

01F4 \98Select 'old style music' program

01F5 \98Select 'new style music' program

01F6 \98Select 'Custom 1' (user-defined) program

01F7 \98Select 'Custom 2' (user-defined) program

01F8 \98Clear current program (Custom1 or Custom2 only)

01F9 \98Save music settings to disk

01FA \98Click on music track to add to current program (Custom1 or Custom2 only)

01FB \98Toggle program shuffle on/off

01FC \98Show music track selection window

01FD \98Click on service to centre view on industry/town

01FE \98Difficulty (\80)

01FF \0e\98\82

0200 Last message/news report

0201 Message settings

0202 Send message

0203 \98Show last message/news report,show message options

0204 \94Message Options

0205 \98Message types:-

0206 \90Arrival of first vehicle at player's station

0207 \90Arrival of first vehicle at competitor's station

0208 \90Accidents / disasters

0209 \90Company information

020A \90Economy changes

020B \90Advice / information on player's vehicles

020C \90New vehicles

020D \90Changes of cargo acceptance

020E \90Subsidies

020F \90General information

0210 \94...too far from previous destination

0211 \0f\98Top companies who reached 2050\0d(\80 Level)

0212 \0f|.

0213 Businessman

0214 Entrepreneur

0215 Industrialist

0216 Capitalist

0217 Magnate

0218 Mogul

0219 Tycoon of the Century

021A \0f'\80' (|)

021B \0f\80\80 achieves '\80' status!

021C \0f\80\80 of \80 achieves '\80' status!

021D \98

021E \94

021F \88|

0220 \98Create Scenario

0221 \90Transport Tycoon

0222 \90Scenario Editor

0223 \94Land Generation

0224 \98\a0

0225 \98\aa

0226 \98Random Land

0227 \98Reset Land

0228 \98Increase size of land area to lower/raise

0229 \98Decrease size of land area to lower/raise

022A \98Generate random land

022B \98Reset landscape

022C \94Reset Landscape

022D \98Are you sure you want to reset the landscape?

022E \98Landscape generation

022F \98Town generation

0230 \98Industry generation

0231 \98Road construction

0232 \98Vegetation and other objects

0233 \94Town Generation

0234 \98New Town

0235 \98Construct new town

0236 \94Can't build town here...

0237 \94...too close to edge of map

0238 \94...too close to another town

0239 \94...site unsuitable

023A \94...too many towns

023B \98Increase size of town

023C \98Expand

023D \98Random Town

023E \98Build town in random location

023F \94Industry Generation

0240 \98Coal Mine

0241 \98Power Station

0242 \98Sawmill

0243 \98Forest

0244 \98Oil Refinery

0245 \98Oil Rig

0246 \98Factory

0247 \98Steel Mill

0248 \98Farm

0249 \98Iron Ore Mine

024A \98Oil Wells

024B \98Bank

024C \98Paper Mill

024D \98Food Processing Plant

024E \98Printing Works

024F \98Gold Mine

0250 \98Lumber Mill

0251 \98Fruit Plantation

0252 \98Rubber Plantation

0253 \98Water Supply

0254 \98Water Tower

0255 \98Diamond Mine

0256 \98Copper Ore Mine

0257 \98Candyfloss Forest

0258 \98Sweet Factory

0259 \98Battery Farm

025A \98Cola Wells

025B \98Toy Shop

025C \98Toy Factory

025D \98Plastic Fountains

025E \98Fizzy Drink Factory

025F \98Bubble Generator

0260 \98Toffee Quarry

0261 \98Sugar Mine

0262 \98Construct Coal Mine

0263 \98Construct Power Station

0264 \98Construct Sawmill

0265 \98Plant Forest

0266 \98Construct Oil Refinery

0267 \98Construct Oil Rig (Can only be built near the edges of the map)

0268 \98Construct Factory

0269 \98Construct Steel Mill

026A \98Construct Farm

026B \98Construct Iron Ore Mine

026C \98Construct Oil Wells

026D \98Construct Bank (Can only be built in towns with a population greater than 1200)

026E \98Construct Paper Mill

026F \98Construct Food Processing Plant

0270 \98Construct Printing Works

0271 \98Construct Gold Mine

0272 \98Construct Bank (Can only be built in towns)

0273 \98Construct Lumber Mill (to clear rainforest and produce Wood)

0274 \98Plant Fruit Plantation

0275 \98Plant Rubber Plantation

0276 \98Construct Water Supply

0277 \98Construct Water Tower (Can only be built in towns)

0278 \98Construct Diamond Mine

0279 \98Construct Copper Ore Mine

027A \98Plant Candyfloss Forest

027B \98Construct Sweet Factory

027C \98Construct Battery Farm

027D \98Construct Cola Wells

027E \98Construct Toy Shop

027F \98Construct Toy Factory

0280 \98Construct Plastic Fountains

0281 \98Construct Fizzy Drink Factory

0282 \98Construct Bubble Generator

0283 \98Construct Toffee Quarry

0284 \98Construct Sugar Mine

0285 \94Can't build \80 here...

0286 \94...must build town first

0287 \94...only one allowed per town

0288 \98Plant trees

0289 \98Place sign

028A \98Random Trees

028B \98Plant trees randomly over landscape

028C \98Place rocky areas on landscape

028D \98Place lighthouse

028E \98Place transmitter

028F \98Define desert area

0290 \98Delete

0291 \98Delete this town completely

0292 Save scenario

0293 Load scenario

0294 Abandon editor


0296 Quit to DOS

0297 \98Save scenario,load scenario,abandon scenario editor,quit to DOS

0298 \94Load Scenario

0299 \94Save Scenario

029A \98Play Scenario

029B \90Are you sure you want to abandon this scenario ?

029C \94Abandon Editor

029D \94...can only be built in towns with a population of at least 1200

029E \98Move the starting date backward 1 year

029F \98Move the starting date forward 1 year

02A0 \94...ends of bridge must both be on land

02A1 \98Small

02A2 \98Medium

02A3 \98Large

02A4 \98Select town size

02A5 \90Town size:

02A6 \94Message to Player 2

02A7 \98Change Modem Initialisation String:

02A8 \98Change Dial Number:

02A9 \94Modem init. string:

02AA \94Dial number:

02AB \98Serial Port





02B0 \98\80

02B1 \98Baud Rate

02B2 \98\85\80 baud

02B3 9600

02B4 14400

02B5 19200

02B6 \80 - \80

02B7 \98Show last message or news report

02B8 \98Summary

02B9 \98Full

02BA \89- - \80 - -

02BB Town directory

02BC \98Vehicle design names

02BD \98\80

02BE Default

02BF Custom

02C0 \98Save custom names to disk

02C1 \98Vehicle design names selection

02C2 \98Save customized vehicle design names to disk

02C4 Game options

02C6 Difficulty settings


02C9 \ac

02CA \01\0cTown names displayed

02CB \ac

02CC \01\0cStation names displayed

02CD \ac

02CE \01\0cSigns displayed

02CF \ac

02D0 \01\0cFull animation

02D1 \ac

02D2 \01\0cFull detail

02D3 \ac

02D4 \01\0cTransparent buildings

02D5 Query land block


02D7 ScreenShot (Ctrl-S)

02D8 Giant ScreenShot (Ctrl-G)

02D9 About 'Transport Tycoon'

02DA \98On

02DB \98Off

02DC \98Display subsidies

02DD Subsidies

02DE Map of world

02DF Town directory

02E0 \98Currency units

02E1 \98\85\80

02E2 \98Currency units selection

02E3 \98Distance units

02E4 \98\85\85\80

02E5 \98Distance units selection

02E6 \98Road vehicles

02E7 \98\85\85\85\80

02E8 \98Select side of road for vehicles to drive on

02E9 Drive on left

02EA Drive on right

02EB \98Town names

02EC \98\85\85\85\85\80

02ED \98Select style of town names

02EE English

02EF French

02F0 German

02F1 American

02F2 Latin-American

02F3 Silly

02F4 \98Autosave

02F5 \98\85\85\85\85\85\80

02F6 \98Select interval between automatic game saves

02F7 Off

02F8 Every 3 months

02F9 Every 6 months

02FA Every 12 months

02FB \98Start a new game

02FC \98Load a saved game from disk

02FD \98View demonstrations/tutorials

02FE \98Create a customized game world/scenario

02FF \98Select single-player game

0300 \98Select two-player game

0301 \98Display game options

0302 \98Display difficulty options

0303 \98Start a new game,using a customized scenario

0304 \98Quit to DOS

0305 \98Leave 'Transport Tycoon',and quit to DOS

0306 \98View demonstration/tutorial

0307 \94Transport Tycoon (Deluxe)

0308 \98Select serial port to be used for direct or modem connection

0309 \98Select serial port speed for direct or modem connection

030A \98Attempt to connect to second computer for 2 player game

030B \98Change the modem initialisation string

030C \98Set the number to be dialled by the modem

030D \94...can only be built in towns

030E \98Select 'temperate' landscape style

030F \98Select 'sub-arctic' landscape style

0310 \98Select 'sub-tropical' landscape style

0311 \98Select 'toyland' landscape style

0312 \98Fund construction of new industry

0313 Fund new industry

0314 \94Fund new industry

0315 \80

0316 \94...can only be built in towns

0317 \94...can only be built in rainforest areas

0318 \94...can only be built in desert areas

0319 \90* * PAUSED * *


031B \94Screenshot successfully saved to disk as '\80'

031C \94Screenshot failed!

031D \98Link method

031E \98\85\85\80

031F \98Select communications link method for 2-player game

0320 Serial cable (sender)

0321 Serial cable (receiver)

0322 Modem (send/dial)

0323 Modem (receive)

0324 Network - IPX protocol (sender)

0325 Network - IPX protocol (receiver)

0329 \98Purchase land for future use

032A \981: Road vehicle service

032B \982: Railway service

032C \983: Air service

032D \984: Ship service

032E \985: Railway service (advanced)


0330 \98Select 'Ezy Street style music' program

0331 \94...IPX driver not found

0332 \94...not enough free base memory for network buffers

0333 \94...unable to open an IPX socket

0334 \94Connection successful!\0d\0dGames now linked!