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Internal TTDPatch texts F800 - FFFF

This is used internally by TTDPatch for its additional regular strings, i.e. those from ttdpttxt.txt. Since TTDPatch 2.0.1 alpha 59 you may use the following text IDs to change the respective patch strings (before alpha 59, the text IDs changed regularly). For default values, please see ttdpttxt.txt produced by mkpttxt.exe.

In case this list is outdated, you can also see their definitions (including the default strings in all 5 standard languages) by running mkpttxt -l [langnum].

F800 bribetext

F801 bribedesc

F802 bribefailed

F803 headingfor

F804 headingfordepot1

F805 headingfordepot2

F806 headingfordepot3

F807 headingfordepot4

F808 withsignals

F809 wplainsignals

F80A wpresignals

F80B wpresigexits

F80C wprecombined

F80D presigautomatic

F80E presigmanual

F80F pathbasedauto

F810 pathbasedmanual

F811 vehmulttoolow

F812 rchunknotloaded

F813 loadgame

F814 gotodepot

F815 gotodepotonly

F816 gototraindepot

F817 gotoroaddepot

F818 gotoshipdepot

F819 gotoairdepot

F81A routethrough

F81B routenonstopthrough

F81C vehobsolete

F81D cannotcheat

F81E cheatinvalidparm

F81F cheatunknown

F820 cheatobsolete1

F821 cheatobsolete2

F822 nostationhere

F823 managedby1

F824 managedby2

F825 manage

F826 engineinfo1

F827 wagonpower

F828 engineinfo2

F829 wagoninfo

F82A newwagoninfo

F82B wagonspeedlimit

F82C refittableto

F82D refittabletoallbut

F82E refittabletoall

F82F railwaywagon

F830 monorailwagon

F831 maglevwagon

F832 ufodestroyed

F833 rvweightinfo

F834 rvweightpurchasewindow

F835 grfloaderror

F836 toomanysprites

F837 outofmemory

F838 wronggrfversion

F839 toomanyspritestotal

F83A filenotfound

F83B invalidsprite

F83C notttdpatchgrf

F83D grferror

F83E grfwarning

F83F grfneedspatchversion

F840 grfneedsdoswin

F841 grfwantsswitch

F842 grfinvalidparam

F843 grfconflict

F844 grfstatcaption

F845 grfstatapply

F846 grfstatreset

F847 grfinfotext

F848 grflisthint

F849 grfapplyhint

F84A grfresethint

F84B grfstatusmenu

F84C initialgrfsettings

F84D initialgrfsettingshint

F84E grfstatgeninfo1

F84F grfstatgeninfo2

F850 grfstatgeninfo3

F851 grfstatgeninfo4

F852 grfstatmax

F853 elecrailconstitle

F854 elecrailconsmenu

F855 lmilloutoftrees

F856 eurointroduced

These next thirteen text IDs, and the six at F8DD..F8E2 are difficult, if not impossible, to set correctly using action 4. Use action 0 instead.

F857 curr_HUF

F858 curr_PLN

F859 curr_ATS

F85A curr_BEF

F85B curr_DKK

F85C curr_FIM

F85D curr_GRD

F85E curr_CHF

F85F curr_NLG

F860 curr_ITL

F861 curr_SEK

F862 curr_RUB

F863 curr_EUR

F864 townlastmonthaccepted

F865 aircraftcleared

F866 zeppelincleared

F867 traincleared

F868 endofsharedorders

F869 resetorders

F86A toggleservice

F86B resethint

F86C servicehint

F86D nosort

F86E sortconsistnum

F86F sortprofit

F870 sortlastprofit

F871 sortage

F872 sortmaxspeed

F873 sortreliability

F874 sortcargo

F875 sortdestination

F876 sorthint

F877 performance

F878 vehiclelost

F879 wrongrailtype

F87A neterror1

F87B neterror2

F87C desynch1

F87D desynch2

F87E refitvehicle

F87F refitcargohint

F880 refitbuttonhint

F881 cantbuildcanalhere

F882 fundprospecting

F883 buildindustry

F884 fundingfailed

F885 cannotfundprospecting

The following 9 TextIDs are used if vehicle message are set to use the vehicle name, not the vehicle number (i.e. if miscmods.usevehnumbernotname is off). They behave in the following manner: If set to an empty string (a single 00 - the default value), the Patch tries to automatically generate each them from one or two original TTD TextIDs. If it is unable to match and replace the string (which is likely to happen with translated strings), it simply displays a string with format "name??".

F886 newtrainindepot - Looks for TextID 8864 in TextID 8814. Equivalent string is "\94\80 is waiting in depot".

F887 newrvindepot - Looks for TextID 902B in TextID 9016. Equivalent string is "\94\80 is waiting in depot".

F888 newshipindepot - Looks for TextID 9830 in TextID 981C. Equivalent string is "\94\80 is waiting in depot".

F889 newaircraftinhangar - Looks for TextID A02F in TextID A014. Equivalent string is "\94\80 is waiting in the aircraft hangar".

F88A newvehold - Generated from TextID 01A0. Equivalent string is "\94\80 is getting old".

F88B newvehveryold - Generated from TextID 01A1. Equivalent string is "\94\80 is getting very old".

F88C newvehveryveryold - Generated from TextID 01A2. Equivalent string is "\94\80 is getting very old and urgently needs replacing".

F88D newvehiclelost - Generated from TextID F878 (vehiclelost). Equivalent string is "\94\80 seems to be lost".

F88E newcantreverse - Generated from TextID F8AE (cantreverse). Equivalent string is "\94\80 needs to reverse but cannot do so safely.".

F88F txtetoolboxmenu

F890 txtetoolbox

F891 txtetoolbox_tsigns

F892 txtetoolbox_tsignstrans

F893 txtetoolbox_tsignsold

F894 txtetoolbox_dsize

F895 txtetoolbox_d8

F896 txtetoolbox_d10

F897 txtetoolbox_d12

F898 txtetoolbox_d14

F899 txtetoolbox_d16

F89A txtetoolbox_d18

F89B txtetoolbox_d20

F89C txtetoolbox_depotalltrash

F89D txtetoolbox_on

F89E txtetoolbox_off

F89F txtetoolbox_saveinsavegame

F8A0 txtetoolbox_usedefaultinsave

F8A1 txtetoolbox_saveasdefault

F8A2 txtetoolbox_resetdefaultsizes

F8A3 none

F8A4 low

F8A5 normal

F8A6 high

F8A7 defaultstation

F8A8 stationnumdefault

F8A9 stationclassdefault

F8AA unnamedtownnamestyle

F8AB newshistory

F8AC messagesettings

F8AD messages

F8AE cantreverse

F8AF grflanguage

F8B0 sizertooltip

F8B1 stickytooltip

F8B2 rcw_railway

F8B3 rcw_signaltype

F8B4 rcw_semaphores

F8B5 rcw_lights

F8B6 rcw_automatic

F8B7 rcw_normal

F8B8 rcw_entry

F8B9 rcw_exit

F8BA rcw_combo

F8BB rcw_nopbs

F8BC rcw_pbs

F8BD rcw_tracks

F8BE rcw_length

F8BF rcw_drag

F8C0 rcw_class

F8C1 rcw_type

F8C2 rcw_accepts

F8C3 outofdynmem

F8C4 cantresize

F8C5 grftextnotfound

F8C6 newindubuildindustry

F8C7 newindufundprospecting

F8C8 newinduproduces

F8C9 toomanyindustries

F8CA newindulist_tooltip

F8CB newinduinfo_tooltip

F8CC newindubuild_tooltip

F8CD newinduprospect_tooltip

F8CE newindu_cargowaiting

F8CF warning_notowns

F8D0 localplayer

F8D1 remoteplayer

F8D2 multiplayer

F8D3 multiplayer_tooltip

F8D4 patchsnd_dll_notfound

F8D5 statistics

F8D6 statistics_white

F8D7 totalcargo

F8D8 landareainfoheight

F8D9 txteroadmenu

F8DA txtetramwindowheader

F8DB hotkeylistdos

F8DC hotkeylistwin

These next six text IDs, and the thirteen at F857..F863 are difficult, if not impossible, to set correctly using action 4. Use action 0 instead.

F8DD curr_pound

F8DE curr_dollar

F8DF curr_franc

F8E0 curr_deutschmark

F8E1 curr_yen

F8E2 curr_peseta

F8E3 shortdateformat

F8E4 longdateformat

F8E5 txtltwocc

F8E6 txtltwoccglb

F8E7 txtltwoccstm

F8E8 txtltwoccdsl

F8E9 txtltwoccelc

F8EA txtltwoccmor

F8EB txtltwoccmgv

F8EC txtltwoccdmu

F8ED txtltwoccemu

F8EE txtltwoccpaw

F8EF txtltwoccfrw

F8F0 txtltwoccbus

F8F1 txtltwocctrm

F8F2 txtltwocctrk

F8F3 txtltwoccpsh

F8F4 txtltwoccfsh

F8F5 txtltwoccsap

F8F6 txtltwocclap

F8F7 txtltwoccfrp

F8F8 txtltwocchel

F8F9 txtltwocclr1

F8FA txtltwocclr2

F8FB steepslopes

F8FC landhigherbridgehead

F8FD grfhelpercaption

F8FE grfhelper_displxrelyrel

F8FF textsprite

F900 txtetramstationheader

F901 txtetramdepotheader

F902 statistics_tooltip

F903 conflict_itself

F904 conflict_preexist

F905 grfstatdebug

F906 grfdebughint

F907 grfdebugmsg

F908 firstpasstramarrives

F909 firstfreighttramarrives

The following strings/textIDs are for TTDPatch 2.5 and are different in TTDPatch 2.6:

F90A newgame "New game\00"

F90B newgamewindow "\90Are you sure you want to abandon this game and start a new game?\00"

The following strings/textIDs are only in TTDPatch 2.6:

F90A airporttype "\98Airport Type\00"

F90B unnamedairporttype "(Unnamed type)\00"

F90C txtclonedepotbutton "\98Clone Train\00"

F90D txtclonetooltip "\98Allows you to clone a train\00"

F90E txtcloneerrortop "\94Cannot clone train consist\00"

F90F txtclonebadcash "\00"

F910 txtcloneerror_company "\94Not a company train\00"

F911 txtcloneerror_unavail "\94Vehicle in consist is not available anymore\00"

F912 txtcloneerror_nothead "\94No engine head at the start of the consist\00"

F913 txtcloneerror_notrail "\94Not a rail vehicle\00"

F914 txtcloneerror_unknown "\94Unknown reason\00"

F915 grfbefore "\94File \"\80\" must be loaded before \80.\00"

F916 grfafter "\94File \"\80\" must be loaded after \80.\00"

F917 tr_trainlen "Number of Train Carriages\00"

F918 tr_maxspeed_kph "Maximum Speed in km/h\00"

F919 tr_curorder "Station of Current Order\00"

F91A tr_curdeporder "Depot of Current Order\00"

F91B tr_totalpower "Total Train Horsepower\00"

F91C tr_totalweight "Total Train Weight\00"

F91D tr_restricttitle "\98Routefinding Restriction\00"

F91E tr_valuebtn "Value\00"

F91F tr_andbtn "And\00"

F920 tr_orbtn "Or\00"

F921 tr_xorbtn "Xor\00"

F922 tr_error1 "\94Error: Too Many Restriction Objects.\00"

F923 tr_siggui_text "\98Routefinding\00"

F924 tr_enternumber "\94Enter Number\00"

F925 tr_copy "\98Copy\00"

F926 tr_share "\98Share\00"

F927 tr_end "-- End of routefinding restriction criteria\80 --\00"

F928 tr_endshare ", shared by \7e signals\00"

F929 tr_landinfotext "restricted\00"

F92A tr_sigval_sw "Signal Status SW\00"

F92B tr_sigval_se "Signal Status SE\00"

F92C tr_sigval_nw "Signal Status NW\00"

F92D tr_sigval_ne "Signal Status NE\00"

F92E tr_sigval_is_green "is green\00"

F92F tr_sigval_is_red "is red\00"

F930 tr_sigval_is_g "G\00"

F931 tr_sigval_is_r "R\00"

F932 tr_maxspeed_mph "Maximum Speed in mph\00"

F933 tr_nextorder "Station of Next Order\00"

F934 tr_lastvisitstation "Last Visited Station\00"

F935 tr_carriescargo "Train Cargo\00"

F936 tr_distancefromsig "Number of tiles from signals\00"

F937 tr_vartxt "Variable\00"

F938 tr_optxt "Op\00"

F939 directoryoverflow "\94Too many folders in listing\00"

F93A trdlg_eq "is\00"

F93B trdlg_neq "is not\00"

F93C tr_nextdeporder "Depot of Next Order\00"

F93D adjsttitle "\94\80 - Adjacent stations\00"

F93E adjstnumstsinrange "\98Number of stations in range found: \85\85\85\7e\00"

F93F adjstnormstmergealgtxt "\98Standard merge to connecting station\00"

F940 adjstnewsttxt "\98Create new station\00"

F941 adjstnewstbuoy "\98Create new standard buoy\00"

F942 adjstnewenhbuoy "\98Create new station buoy\00"

F943 newgame "New game\00"

F944 newgamewindow "\90Are you sure you want to abandon this game and start a new game?\00"

F945 aquaducttext "Aquaduct\00"

F946 headingfordepot1v2 "\95\80 Train Depot\80, \84\00"

F947 headingfordepot2v2 "\95\80 Road Depot\80, \84\00"

F948 headingfordepot3v2 "\95\80 Ship Depot\80, \84\00"

F949 canaltexttip "\98Build Canals and Locks\00"

F94A rivertexttip "\98Build River\00"

F94B aquaducttexttip "\98Build an Aqueduct to overpass a valley\00"

F94C waterconstrwin "\94Water construction\00"

F94D waterconstrtbtip "\98Canal, River and Aqueduct construction\00"

F94E sortname "Name\00"

F94F tr_days_since_last_service "Number of Days Since Last Service\00"

F950 tr_searching_for_depot "Train \80 Currently Searching For Depot\00"

F951 tr_ps_wintitle "\98Signal Programming\00"

F952 tr_ps_gui_text "\98Signal\00"

F953 tr_ps_sigcount_g "No. of green exit & combo signals\00"

F954 tr_ps_sigcount_go "No. of green one-way exit & combo signals\00"

F955 tr_ps_sigcount_gt "No. of green two-way exit & combo signals\00"

F956 tr_ps_sigcount_r "No. of red exit & combo signals\00"

F957 tr_ps_sigcount_ro "No. of red one-way exit & combo signals\00"

F958 tr_ps_sigcount_rt "No. of red two-way exit & combo signals\00"

F959 tr_ps_end "-- End of criteria to set signal to red\80 --\00"

F95A tr_ps_landinfotext "programmed\00"

F95B ne "NE\00"

F95C se "SE\00"

F95D sw "SW\00"

F95E nw "NW\00"

F95F tr_entertileside "Entered side of tile\00"

F960 tr_pbssigblentertl "Entered tile of PBS signal block\00"

F961 newstartyear "\98New game start year\00"

F962 newstartyearprint "\98\7e\00"

F963 newstartyearhintyear "\98This is the current new game start year\00"

F964 newstartyearhintinc "\98Increases the new game start year\00"

F965 newstartyearhintdec "\98Decreases the new game start year\00"

F966 nohouseremove "\94Local authority refuses to demolish building in the way\00"

F967 tsignal_linfotxt "through\00"

F968 isignal_linfotxt "inverted\00"

F969 advorder_findnearestdepottxt "nearest\00"

F96A advorder_gotonearestdepotddltxt "Go to nearest depot\00"

F96B advorder_servicenearestdepotddltxt "Service at nearest depot\00"

F96C advorder_loadcondskipddltxt "Load-based conditional order skip\00"

F96D advorder_loadcondskiporderwintxt "Skip next \7e orders if load \80 \7e%\00"

F96E advorder_orderskipcountguibtntxt "Count\00"

F96F advorder_orderloadpercentguibtntxt "Load%\00"

F970 advorder_ordercondskiploadparamddltxt "\98Params Ş\00"

F971 advorder_orderparamtooltip "\98Configure the advanced settings for this order\00"

F972 advorder_selrefitveh "Refit consist\00"

F973 advorder_orderrefitveh "Refit to: \80\00"

F974 advorder_ordergotoloadonlytxt "Go to \80 (Load Only)\00"

F975 advorder_ordergotounloadonlytxt "Go to \80 (Unload Only)\00"

F976 advorder_ordergotoloadonlyddltxt "Go to station (Load Only)\00"

F977 advorder_ordergotounloadonlyddltxt "Go to station (Unload Only)\00"

F978 transopts_option "\01\0cTransparency options\00"

F979 transopts_caption "\94Transparency Options\00"

F97A transopts_tttrees "\00"

F97B transopts_ttbuildings "\00"

F97C transopts_ttindustries "\00"

F97D transopts_ttstations "\00"

F97E transopts_ttraildepots "\00"

F97F transopts_ttroaddepots "\00"

F980 transopts_ttshipdepots "\00"

F981 transopts_ttbridges "\00"

F982 transopts_ttobjects "\00"

F983 transopts_ttcompany "\00"

F984 transopts_ttinvistrees "\00"

F985 tr_findbtn "Find\00"

F986 transopts_cttrees "\98Cycle transparency for trees (Ctrl-click to lock)\00"

F987 transopts_ctbuildings "\98Cycle transparency for town buildings (Ctrl-click to lock)\00"

F988 transopts_ctindustries "\98Cycle transparency for industries (Ctrl-click to lock)\00

F989 transopts_ctstations "\98Cycle transparency for stations (Ctrl-click to lock)\00"

F98A transopts_ctraildepots "\98Cycle transparency for rail depots (Ctrl-click to lock)\00

F98B transopts_ctroaddepots "\98Cycle transparency for road depots (Ctrl-click to lock)\00"

F98C transopts_ctshipdepots "\98Cycle transparency for ship depots (Ctrl-click to lock)\00"

F98D transopts_ctbridges "\98Cycle transparency for bridges (Ctrl-click to lock)\00"

F98E transopts_ctobjects "\98Cycle transparency for objects (Ctrl-click to lock)\00"

F98F transopts_ctcompany "\98Cycle transparency for company property (Ctrl-click to lock)\00"

F990 transopts_ttoneway "\98Toggle invisiblility for one-way road markers when road-building toolbar is closed (Ctrl-click to lock)\00"

F991 industrydirmenu "Industry directory\00"

F992 industrydir "\94Industries\00"

F993 industrydiritem0 "\8e\80 \80\00"

F994 industrydiritem1 "\8e\80 \80\98 (\80\80)\90 (\7d% transported)\00"

F995 industrydiritem2 "\8e\80 \80\98 (\80\80/\80\80)\90 (\7d%/\7d% transported)\00"

F996 sortorder_tooltip "\98Select sorting order (descending/ascending)\00"

F997 sortorder_production "\98Production\00"

F998 sortorder_type "\98Type\00"

F999 sortorder_transported "\98Transported\00"

F99A sortorder_name "\98Name\00"