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Road strings 1800 - 1FFF

1800 \94Land sloped in wrong direction for road

1801 \94Must remove road first

1802 \94Road Construction

1803 \94Select Road Bridge

1804 \94Can't build road here...

1805 \94Can't remove road from here...

1806 \94Road Depot Orientation

1807 \94Can't build road vehicle depot here...

1808 \94Can't build bus station...

1809 \94Can't build lorry station...

180A Road construction

180B \98Build road section

180C \98Build road vehicle depot (for building and servicing vehicles)

180D \98Build bus station

180E \98Build lorry loading bay

180F \98Build road bridge

1810 \98Build road tunnel

1811 \98Toggle build/remove for road construction

1812 \98Bridge selection - click on selected bridge to build it

1813 \98Select road vehicle depot orientation

1814 Road

1815 Road with streetlights

1816 Tree-lined road

1817 Road vehicle depot

1818 Road/rail level crossing