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Train strings 8800 - 8FFF

8800 \94\80 Train Depot

8801 \98\0fCitizens celebrate . . .\0dFirst train arrives at \80!

8802 \94\80 (Details)

8803 \94Train in the way

8804 \01\0A\7D: \80

8805 \AF\01\0A\7D: \80

8806 Go to \80

8807 Go to \80 (Unload)

8808 Go to \80 (Load)


880A Go non-stop to \80

880B Go non-stop to \80 (Unload)

880C Go non-stop to \80 (Load)


880E Go to \80 Train Depot

880F Go non-stop to \80 Train Depot

8810 \95Heading for \80

8811 \95Heading for \80 Train Depot

8812 \95Empty

8813 \95\80 from \80

8814 \94Train | is waiting in depot

8815 \98New Vehicles

8816 \98-

8817 \98Cost: \8a\7f\98 Weight: \8a|t\0d\98Speed: \8a\84\98 Power: \8a|hp\0d\98Running Cost: \8a\7f/yr\0d\98Capacity: \8a\80\0d\98Designed: \8a~\98 Life: \8a| years\0d\98Max. Reliability: \8a}%

8818 \98Information

8819 \94Train too long

881A \94Trains can only be altered when stopped inside a depot

881B \94\80 - Trains

881C \94New Rail Vehicles

881D \94New Monorail Vehicles

881E \94New Maglev Vehicles

881F \98Build Vehicle

8820 \98Rename

8821 \98Cost: \8a\7f\0d\98Weight: \8a|t (|t)\0d\98Capacity: \8a\80

8822 \95No orders

8823 \98Skip

8824 \98Delete

8825 \98Non-Stop

8826 \98Go To

8827 \98Full Load

8828 \98Unload

8829 \94\80 (Orders)

882A \01\0a- - End of Orders - -

882B \94Can't build rail vehicle...

882C \95\80\98 Built: \95~\98 Value: \95\7f

882D \95\80\98 Value: \95\7f

882E \94\80

882F \95Loading / Unloading

8830 \94Can't send train to depot...

8831 \94No more space for orders

8832 \94Too many orders

8833 \94Can't insert new order...

8834 \94Can't delete this order...

8835 \94Can't modify this order...

8836 \94Must build train depot first

8837 \94Can't move vehicle...

8838 N/A\85

8839 \94Can't sell rail vehicle...

883A \94Unable to find route to local depot

883B \94Can't stop/start train...

883C \98Servicing interval: \95|days\98 Last service: \95\82

883D \98Trains - click on train for information

883E \98Build new trains (requires train depot)

883F \98Trains - click on train for info.,drag vehicle to add/remove from train

8840 \98Build new train vehicle

8841 \98Drag train vehicle to here to sell it

8842 \98Centre main view on train depot location

8843 \98Train vehicle selection list - click on vehicle for information

8844 \98Build the highlighted train vehicle

8845 \98Rename train vehicle type

8846 \98Current train action - click here to stop/start train

8847 \98Show train's orders

8848 \98Centre main view on train's location

8849 \98Send train to depot

884A \98Force train to proceed without waiting for signal to clear

884B \98Reverse direction of train

884C \98Show train details

884D \98Increase servicing interval

884E \98Decrease servicing interval

884F \98Show details of cargo carried

8850 \98Show details of train vehicles

8851 \98Show capacities of each vehicle

8852 \98Orders list - click on order to highlight it

8853 \98Skip the current order,and start the next

8854 \98Delete the highlighted order

8855 \98Make the highlighted order non-stop

8856 \98Insert a new order before the highlighted order,or add to end of list

8857 \98Make the highlighted order force the vehicle to wait for a full load

8858 \98Make the highlighted order force the vehicle to unload

8859 \98\0fNew \80 now available!

885A \98\0f\80

885B \98Cost: \7f Weight: |t\0dSpeed: \84 Power: |hp\0dRunning Cost: \7f/yr\0dCapacity: \80

885C \8bBroken down

885D \98Age: \95\80\98 Running Cost: \95\7f/yr

885E \98Weight: \95|t \98Power: \95|hp\98 Max. speed: \95\84

885F \98Profit this year: \95\7f (last year: \7f)

8860 \98Reliability: \95}% \98Breakdowns since last service: \95|

8861 \8bStopped

8862 \94Can't make train pass signal at danger...

8863 \8bCrashed!

8864 Train |

8865 \94Name train

8866 \94Can't name train...

8867 \98Name train

8868 \98\0fTrain Crash!\0d| die in fireball after collision

8869 \94Can't reverse direction of train...

886A \94Rename train vehicle type

886B \94Can't rename train vehicle type...