NML:Testing for other NewGRFs

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Block Syntax

See the builtin functions for the functions grf_XXX. Additionally - when the presence of a NewGRF is established - their parameters can be of interest and queried. The general syntax is

identifier = param[<grfID>, <param#>]

For example

 other_newgrfs_param0 = param["NML\01", 0];
 other_newgrf_no_high_cost = param["NML\01", 1] < 5;

reads parameter 1 (the first one, counting starts at 0) from the NewGRF with the grfID "NML\01".

There's a special parameter, 254: That reports back the version of that NewGRF as set in its grf definition (e.g. via the version property in the grf block)