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Block Syntax

A font-glyph block makes it possible to provide sprites for glyphs that don't have sprites in normal TTD. The syntax is as follows:

font_glyph [<block_name>](<font-size>, <base-char>[, <image-file>]) {
	list of realsprites

A <block_name> is optional but required, if you want to define alternative sprites for the sprite block so that it can be referenced there.

The first parameter (<font-size>) should be an identifier of the font size to use. Valid values are SMALL, NORMAL, LARGE and MONO.

The second parameter (<base-char>) is the number corresponding to the first character to provide a sprite for. Valid values are all unicode code points in the Basic Multilingual Plane (0-0xFFFF)

Parameter three <image-file> (optional) is a literal (quoted) string that specifies the default file where the sprites are located. This may be overridden per-sprite.

<real-sprites> should be a list of real sprites. The first real sprite will be used for the character with code base-char;, the second for base-char + 1 and so on. These sprites should only use colour palette indices 0 (transparent), 1 (foreground), and 2 (shadow).