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Change to python3

With NML 0.4 we change some of its foundations, it now is written in python3 and requires python 3.2 or newer. Requirements are:

  • python 3.2 or newer
  • python3-pillow (imaging library)
  • python3-ply (lexer library)

Other changes

  • New warnings about and flags for realsprites: (NO)ALPHA, (NO)WHITE and (NO)ANIM. See explanation in realsprite page.
  • Rigerous caching of real sprites. This improves encoding speed a lot on subsequent runs, especially for NewGRFs with many real sprites, more so for 32bpp
  • Statistics on the NewGRF on used IDs for vehicles, houses, etc as well as available switches, parameters etc

Language additions

  • Feature: vehicle property effect_spawn_model_and_powered and related callback create_effect
  • Feature: EFFECT_SPRITE_NONE constant for create_effect callback
  • Feature: support for OTTD_RECOLOUR action5 sprite(s)
  • Feature: Support for Latin translations
  • Feature: wagon_speed_limits variable to test for enabled wagon speed limits. (issue #6474)

There's numerous other fixes, changes and additions. For a full changelog, see http://bundles.openttdcoop.org/nml/releases/0.4.0/changelog.txt Get the latest release version from the bundles server: http://bundles.openttdcoop.org/nml/releases/LATEST/