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Currently, the scheme is to use international phone codes as language IDs, unless they're out of range. When creating a new translation for OpenTTD pick a number vaguely related in some way. Or something else.

Valid language IDs are listed in the table below. The cases, genders and the type of plural form is only given as reference. Authorative are the definitions in OpenTTD's language file for each language. A complete list of these exact definitions is available here (generated page).

ID language cases genders plural form
00 English (US)
01 English (GB)
02 German m w n p
03 French m m2 f 2
04 Spanish m f
05 Esperanto n
06 Ido
07 Russian m f n p nom gen dat acc abl pre m f n p 6
08 Irish 4
09 Maltese 12
0A Tamil
0B Chuvash
0C Chinese (Traditional) 1
0D Serbian nom big gen dat aku vok lok ins muški ženski srednji 6
0E Norwegian (Nynorsk) small masculine feminine neuter
0F Welsh
10 Belarusian m f n p nom gen dat acc abl pre m f n p 6
11 Marathi
12 Faroese m f n
13 Scottish Gaelic dat gen nom voc m f 13
14 Arabic (Egypt) 1
15 Czech nom gen dat acc voc loc ins big small m f n map mnp fp np 10
16 Slovak g m z s 10
17 Hindi
18 Bulgarian m f n p m f n p
1B Afrikaans male
1E Greek subs date geniki m f n 2
1F Dutch
21 Basque
22 Catalan Masculin Femenin
23 Luxembourgish
24 Hungarian t ba 2
26 Macedonian
27 Italian ms mp fs fp m ma f
28 Romanian
29 Icelandic karlkyn kvenkyn hvorugkyn
2A Latvian kas m f 3
2B Lithuanian kas ko kam ka kuo kur kreip vyr mot 5
2C Slovenian r d t 8
2D Danish
2E Swedish
2F Norwegian (Bokmal) small masculine feminine neuter
30 Polish d c b n m w m f n 7
31 Galician m f n
32 Frisian
33 Ukrainian r d z m f s mn 6
34 Estonian g in sü
35 Finnish
36 Portuguese n m f mp fp
37 Brazilian Portuguese m f 2
38 Croatian nom gen dat aku vok lok ins male female middle 6
39 Japanese 1
3A Korean m f 11
3C Malay
3D English (AU)
3E Turkish tamlanan 1
42 Thai 1
54 Vietnamese 1
55 Mexican Spanish m f 0
56 Chinese (Simplified) 1
5A Indonesian 1
5C Urdu m f
61 Hebrew singular plural gen m f
62 Persian
66 Latin gen acc abl dat m f n mp fp np