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Cargo types in TTD

Definitions of cargo types used in TTD and the Patch

For setting the various action 0 properties of vehicles, various way of specifying the cargo type are used. Typically, there is one property that sets the default cargo type, and another property that sets the cargo types available for refitting in a bit mask.

The following table lists the values to use for these properties, as well as the values to use for action 3.

Column Name Usage
Type A Cargo bit Use this cargo type in action 3.

GRFv8 In GRF version 8 and above this type is also used for the 'default cargo type' of vehicles.

When using a cargo translation table, this is the position in the translation table. If there is no cargo translation table, the cargo bit is defined by property 08 for new cargos.

Bit value Add these bit values to find the value to give the refit mask property (this is -+1 << cargobit+-)
Type B Cargo slot GRFv7 For GRF version 7 an below use this cargo type to set the default cargo type of vehicles (note, this is climate dependent!).

GRFv8 For GRF version 8 and above this type is used nowhere, except in the cargo definition itself.

For new cargos this is the ID used in Action 0 and Action 3 of the cargo-defining NewGRF.

Note, when New Cargos are being used, you can only rely on Type A values when using a cargo translation table. Type B values depend on the actual NewGRF (and its version) defining the new cargos; so, unless you test for a specific (industry) NewGRF you cannot rely on any value for Type B.

GRFv7 For GRF version 7 and below that means, to be compatible to any new cargos, you have to set the default cargo of refittable vehicles to "first refittable". However, you can kind of rely on passengers being slot 0 and mail being slot 2.

Type A Bit Value Type B Cargo ECS Type B FIRS
00 1 00 Passengers + 00 +
01 2 01 Coal + 01 +
02 4 02 Mail + 02 +
03 8 03 Oil + 03 +
04 10 04 Livestock + 04 +
05 20 05 Goods + 05 +
06 40 06 Grain/Wheat/Maize + 06 +
07 80 07 Wood + 07 +
08 100 08 Iron Ore + 08 +
09 200 09 Steel + 09 + (Metal)
0A 400 0A Valuables/Gold/Diamonds + 0A Milk
0B 800 09 Paper Food 0B Food
0C 1000 0B Food Paper 0C Raw Sugar
0D 2000 04 Fruit + 0D Fruit and Vegetables
0E 4000 08 Copper Ore Fish 0E Fish
0F 8000 09 Water Wool 0F Wool
10 10000 01 Rubber Potash 10 Clay
11 20000 01 Sugar Sand 11 Sand
12 40000 03 Toys Glass/Ceramics 12 Manufacturing Supplies
13 80000 04 Batteries Wood products 13 Lumber
14 100000 05 Candy (Sweets) Dyes 14 Scrap Metal
15 200000 06 Toffee Fertiliser 15 Farm Supplies
16 400000 07 Cola Oil seeds 16 Plant Fibres
17 800000 08 Cotton Candy (Candyfloss) Refined products 17 Chemicals
18 1000000 09 Bubbles Vehicles 18 Engineering Supplies
19 2000000 0A Plastic Petrol 19 Petrol
1A 4000000 0B Fizzy Drinks Bricks 1A Gravel
1B 8000000 0B Paper[1] Sulphur 1B Bauxite
1C 10000000 08 undefined; unused slot in arctic climate Cement 1C Building Materials
1D 20000000 - undefined; unused slot Fibre crops 1D Alcohol
1E 40000000 - undefined; unused slot Lime stone 1E Reserved1
1F 80000000 - undefined; unused slot Tourists 1F Reserved2
FF n/a FF Use first [2] refittable cargo type as default cargo. See also vehicle refitting.
FE n/a n/a Used in action 3 for stations to disable default
FF n/a n/a Shown in purchase list
  1. Only in temperate climate, with the "moreindustriesperclimate" switch, i.e. disabled when "newcargos" is switched on.
  2. GRFv7 For GRF version 7 and below "first" means first wrt. cargo slot, type B. I.e. this is purely up to the cargo-defining NewGRF and cannot be influenced by the vehicle NewGRF.
    GRFv8For GRF version 8 and above "first" means the first wrt. (translated) cargo bit, type A. Thus the cargo translation table of the vehicle GRF defines the order.

Cargo Labels

The following cargo labels have been defined so far:

Label Cargo Description Cargo classes Notes
TTD Default Cargos These cargos are present when no NewGRF is used
PASS Passengers 0001 Passengers ECS FIRS
COAL Coal 0010 Bulk ECS FIRS
MAIL Mail 0002 Mail ECS FIRS
OIL_ Oil 0040 Liquid ECS FIRS
LVST Livestock 0020 Piece goods ECS FIRS
GOOD Goods 0004 Express ECS FIRS
GRAI Grain 0010 Bulk FIRS Temperate; see also WHEA, MAIZ, CERE
WOOD Wood 0020 Piece goods ECS FIRS
IORE Iron Ore 0010 Bulk ECS FIRS
STEL Steel 0020 Piece goods ECS FIRS Renamed "Metal" in FIRS.
VALU Valuables 0008 Armoured ECS Temperate; see also GOLD, DIAM
PAPR Paper 0020 Piece goods ECS
WHEA Wheat 0010 Bulk Arctic; see also GRAI, MAIZ, CERE
FOOD Food 0084 Express, refrigerated ECS FIRS
GOLD Gold 0008 Armoured ECS Arctic; see also VALU, DIAM
RUBR Rubber 0040 Liquid ECS
FRUT Fruit 0090 Bulk, refrigerated ECS
MAIZ Maize 0010 Bulk Tropic; see also GRAI, WHEA, CERE
CORE Copper Ore 0010 Bulk ECS
WATR Water 0040 Liquid ECS
DIAM Diamonds 0008 Armoured ECS Tropic; see also VALU, GOLD
SUGR Sugar 0010 Bulk Toyland
TOYS Toys 0020 Piece goods Toyland
BATT Batteries 0020 Piece goods Toyland
SWET Sweets (Candy) 0004 Express Toyland
TOFF Toffee 0010 Bulk Toyland
COLA Cola 0040 Liquid Toyland
CTCD Cotton Candy (Candyfloss) 0010 Bulk Toyland
BUBL Bubbles 0020 Piece goods Toyland
PLST Plastic 0040 Liquid Toyland; see also PLAS
FZDR Fizzy Drinks 0020 Piece goods Toyland
New Cargos these cargos are only present when NewGRF industry sets are used
AORE Bauxite (Aluminium ore) 0010 Bulk ECS FIRS
BEER Alcohol 0064 Express, piece goods, liquids FIRS
BDMT Building Materials 0220 Piece goods, covered/sheltered ECS FIRS
BRCK Bricks 0020 Piece goods ECS
CERA Ceramics 0020 Piece goods ECS
CERE Cereals 0210 Bulk, covered/sheltered ECS [1]
CLAY Clay 0210 Bulk covered/sheltered FIRS
CMNT Cement 0210 Bulk covered/sheltered ECS
COPR Copper 0020 Piece goods
DYES Dyes 0060 Piece goods, liquids ECS
ENSP Engineering Supplies 0024 Express, piece goods FIRS
FERT Fertiliser 0030 Bulk, piece goods ECS [1]
FICR Fibre crops 0030 Bulk, piece goods ECS FIRS
FISH Fish 0084 Express, refrigerated ECS FIRS
FMSP Farm Supplies 0024 Express, piece goods FIRS
FRVG Fruit (and optionally Vegetables) 00A4 Express, piece goods, refrigerated FIRS
GLAS Glass 0420 Piece goods, oversized ECS
GRVL Gravel / Ballast 0010 Bulk FIRS
LIME Lime stone 0010 Bulk ECS
MILK Milk 00C4 Express, liquid, refrigerated FIRS
MNSP Manufacturing Supplies 0024 Piece Goods, express FIRS
OLSD Oil seed 0210 Bulk, covered/sheltered ECS [1]
PETR Petrol / Fuel Oil 0040 Liquid ECS FIRS
PLAS Plastic 0060 Piece goods, liquid ECS
POTA Potash 0210 Bulk, covered/sheltered ECS [1]
RCYC Recyclables 0220 Piece Goods, covered FIRS
RFPR Refined products 0040 Liquid ECS FIRS
SAND Sand 0010 Bulk ECS FIRS
SCMT Scrap Metal 0010 Bulk FIRS
SGBT Sugar beet 0010 Bulk FIRS not in tropical
SGCN Sugarcane 0010 Bulk FIRS only tropical
SULP Sulphur 0210 Bulk, covered/sheltered ECS [1]
TOUR Tourists 0005 Passengers, express ECS
VEHI Vehicles 0420 Piece goods, oversized ECS
WDPR Wood Products 0030 Bulk, piece goods ECS FIRS
WOOL Wool 0220 Piece goods, covered/sheltered ECS FIRS [1]
Special Cargos these cargos are for use outside industry sets and do not represent transporting anything
GEAR Locomotive regearing 8000 Special Using this cargo may make your vehicle set incompatible with some industry sets

use CB36 instead to set capacity to 0

Deprecated Cargos these cargos are not used by any current industry set, and are listed here for backwards compatibility
FUEL Fuel 0040 Liquid Use PETR for refined-oil fuel
RSGR Raw Sugar 0010 Bulk Deprecated in FIRS. See SGBT and SGCN
SCRP Scrap Metal 0010 Piece Goods Deprecated in FIRS, use SCMT instead
TWOD Tropic Wood 0020 Piece goods formerly intended as a default cargo
WSTE Waste 0010 Bulk Deprecated in FIRS.
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 ECS cargo classes changed as of Dec 31, 2010

If you write or publish a NewGRF which introduces a new cargo label, please also add a comment where the new label is used.