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Template for a small icon indicating support by OpenTTD or not.

No support {{ottd|no}} Openttd icon crossed.png
⩾ 0.6 {{ottd|0.6}} Openttd icon.png0.6
⩾ 0.7 {{ottd|0.7}} Openttd icon.png0.7
⩾ 1.0 {{ottd|1.0}} Openttd icon.png1.0
⩾ 1.1 {{ottd|1.1}} Openttd icon.png1.1
⩾ 1.2 {{ottd|1.2}} Openttd icon.png1.2

Please only use version number of stable releases. You can put explicit revision numbers in the detailed description, but not in the icon. Also, never use the term "nightly", use the expected number of the next release for features which are not yet part of a stable release.