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'''''Translate GRF-specific strings'''''
=Action 13=
Translate GRF-specific strings

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Translating regular strings is easy by just overwriting them with an action 4, however this is not possible for translating GRF-specific strings in the D000 or DC00 range of IDs. Instead, these must be translated with this action 13.

Available since 2.6 alpha 1 (r857).


The data looks as follows:

-+<sprite-number> * <length> 13 <feature> <grfid> <num-ent> <offset> <text...>+-
Element Size Description
<sprite-number> dec A sequential sprite number
<length> dec The total number of bytes in the action
13 B Action 13
<grfid> 4*B The GRFID of the file whose texts are to be translated
<num-ent> B Number of strings
<offset> W First text ID
<text...> S Zero-terminated strings

For action 13, <num-ent>, <offset> and <text...> work exactly as for action 4, but the offset may only refer to a text ID in the D000 or DC00 range of IDs.

Action 13 is skipped if the given GRFID cannot be found or if the file is inactive; action 13 generates an error message and disables the current file if it appears before the GRF that it is translating.