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Defining cargo IDs for cargos

Action 2

Defining cargo IDs for cargos.


The only graphics associated to cargos is their icon that is shown in the station window, therefore the action 2 you need isn't too complicated.


-+<Sprite-number> * <Length> 02 0B <cargo-id> 01 00 <set>+-


<Sprite-number>|dec|A sequential sprite number

<length>|dec|The total number of bytes used in this action

02|B|Defines action 02

0B|B|Sprites are used for feature 0B - cargos

<cargo-id>|B|What cargo ID this action 2 defines

01|B|A literal 01 byte

00|B|A literal 00 byte

<set>|W|Number of set to use from the last action 1||

You may note that this is the same as the action 2 entry for vehicles, but with num_loadtypes=1 and num_loadingtypes=0, and only one set number.

-=Filling in the terms=-


This is just the number you are at.


Count the number of bytes in this action.


A WORD value, the number of the spriteset to be used. (Don't forget that sprite set numbering starts from zero)